McGillen’s Crossing Business Directory

Be part of the magic at McGillen’s Crossing! 

Your business could be located here in our exciting and growing new city center in the expanded business center of Mattawan. Spaces available are suites ranging from 1,200 SF to 4,800 SF. 

Be a “Part of the Magic“ at McGillen’s Crossing by contacting us today. 

If you are interested in space within our development for your business please call (269) 668-5227 or fill out the form below and a member of our staff will contact you. Spaces in this growing development are filling quickly. 

McGillen’s Crossing Business Directory listing many of the flourishing businesses in our development:

About Our Company

Powell Custom Homes has been creating custom homes for our community since 1976. This brother team of Randy and Steve have been the talented team that has developed many residential communities in Southwest Michigan. They went on to purchase land in Mattawan to build the expanding McGillen’s Crossing. McGillen’s Crossing also has luxury condominiums. Powell Custom Homes looks forward to many more years of construction with passion and perfection.

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